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Our brand is dedicated to delivering wholesome, convenient, and easy-to-prepare food solutions for school foodservice. At the heart of our mission is the creation of hand-held Tasty 'Nada's, crafted in a USDA-certified facility, using whole grains and quality ingredients. Our commitment to providing delicious, nutritious options is driven by our passion for ensuring that students can enjoy a satisfying meal while simplifying the school foodservice process. We take pride in being a labor-saving choice for schools, allowing you to serve up nutritious, kid-approved empanadas with ease.


Feel free to reach out to our broker today to bring the delicious 'Tasty 'Nada' to your school!

Chris Long 


Cell: 909-573-6321

'Nada PFS and Nutritionals

To access all our product formulations, kindly click the link below. We offer a variety of options that cater to your entree requirements, including 2 meat/meat alternatives and 2 grains.

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