Taco Nada Codes:

TACONADA2B12- Turkey Taco Nada- 4.5oz

6BTT480- Turkey Taco Nada- 4oz 

6TT200- Turkey Taco Nada-5oz

TNB2015B- Taco Nada Bites- 4.5oz

Pizza Nada Codes:

PIZZANADA2B12- Turkey Pizza Nada- 4.5oz

6BTP375- Turkey Pizza Nada-4oz

6TP100- Turkey Pizza Nada-5oz

Habanero Taco Nada Codes: 

HABANADA2B12- Habanero Hott Nada- 4.5oz

6HABTAC-Habanero Taco Nada-5oz

Chimi Nada Code:

CHIMINA2- Bean and Cheese Nada- 5.5oz

Italian Nada Code:

ITNADA22- Italian Nada- 6oz

KBTR13- Italian Nada-4oz

Fiesta Nada Code:

6BRC40- Fiesta Nada- 4oz

Cinnamon Apple Spice Nada:

CAS700- Cinnamon Apple Spice Nada-4oz



'Nada PFS and Nutritionals

To access all our product formulations, kindly click the link below. We offer a variety of options that cater to your entree requirements, including 2 meat/meat alternatives and 2 grains.

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